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Hi, I'm Shawna

I’m so happy you’re here! Let’s get to know each other…

I am an American who has permanently moved abroad to 4+ countries, who also left my comforts and the 9-to-5 to live my dream life in Europe. Moving to Europe opened a whole level of freedom for me such as: being an entrepreneur and owning 2 online businesses. I currently teach Americans how to permanently move abroad in a year, save hundreds of hours of research and save thousands of dollars. In 2023 alone I have helped 4500 make their move abroad through my online programs and events.

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What Clients Say About "Abroad in a Year" Masterclass

We started working with you after finding you on Instagram and we decided to join your programs to gain insight from someone who had done it. Shawna has helped us understand what is actually needed to move abroad. We didn't know anything about visas and we didn't know where to start. The support you offer with your group coaching is what I love most about it. Someone always has an update about how far along they are in their move abroad journey and we get a chance to ask you ANY question. If I didn't work with you Shawna it would have been rough. Without your expertise in this subject it would have taken me much longer to sort out.

- Brandy V. - Moving to Spain with her family in June

"You have such a great presence and are so positive and kind and encouraging- I thought you were great. It was so good to see people doing it even if they don't have everything perfectly planned out and they are a bit scared. "

- Dawn S.

"I'm a remote worker & I loved it. Especially loved the steps & practical exercises you gave on how we can get going. You make me want to travel the earth again Shawna. Badass training."

- Keanu B.

"You asked about limiting beliefs in our session. Everyone has them. A lot has to do with money, of what life is supposed to look like, how safe it is to stay in our safe little bubbles….you made it clear that taking the leap is more than doable."

- Lauren G.

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